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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Includes More than Just Boats

Boat insurance is used for various types of watercraft. That’s why there are different policies to apply to different types of watercraft. In order to find the best policy, consider the type of boat and what the craft will be used for. Never ignore the importance of insurance. It will help protect your property and insure that you’re safe if an accident occurs. Boat insurance may or may not be required in your state. But it is a smart idea even if not required by law.

Insurance coverage is available for jet skis, personal watercraft, sailboats, fishing boats and even houseboats. Your coverage is determined by the type of boat and how often it will be used. So a policy for something like a sailboat will be different from a policy for a commercial fishing boat.

Insurance for boats is similar to auto insurance. You must first purchase a policy from an agency, and then pay a monthly premium. Speak to an agent to get a customized policy for your situation. Check for things like deductibles, claims service timing, fuel-spill coverage, supplemental medical coverage and liability when researching coverage.

Boat insurance helps you feel secure when you’re out on the water. You know your property is safe in the event of an accident. You also know that it limits your liability and out of pocket costs in the event of an accident. There are different polices for different types of craft, so speak to an expert before deciding on a policy.