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Community Causes

Teaching Students about the Amazing World of Animals
June 1, 2017

Zoo Montana’s outreach programs teaches students about the fascinating characteristics and behaviors that help animals survive in their natural habitats! It is a way of instilling in future generations the importance of preserving our world’s marvelous biodiversity in order to accommodate a sustainable future for all species. In order to help the ongoing efforts of […]

Caring For the Wildlife In Our Community
February 6, 2017

Zoo Montana is the only zoo and botanical garden in Montana and is a home for animals from around the world. The majority of animals come as rescues and the zoo focuses on providing quality care for their animals and plants. Zoo Montana houses owls, eagles, tigers and pythons just to name a few. They […]

Schneider Insurance & Financial Joins Agents Of Change Movement
December 28, 2016

Schneider Agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive.